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Our commitment is to provide our institution with the best service and the best prices. The case prices are provided for our churches and schools.

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Cha'i Pow Yu California Green Olives Heritage Chik'n Bites
Cha'i Pow Yu
Our Price: $2.35
California Green Olives
Our Price: $2.60
Heritage Chik'n Bites
Our Price: $5.52
Heritage Vege-Scallops Diced Chik Dinner Steaks (Reg)
Heritage Vege-Scallops
Our Price: $5.76
Diced Chik
Our Price: $6.09
Dinner Steaks (Reg)
Our Price: $6.09
Toco Filling Swiss Steak ( Small ) Loma Linda Vegetable Steaks
Toco Filling
Our Price: $6.09

Swiss Steak ( Small )
Our Price: $6.09
Linketts Skallops Five Bean Chili
Our Price: $7.09

Our Price: $7.29

Five Bean Chili
Our Price: $7.29

Redi-Burger Tender Bits Tender Rounds
Our Price: $7.29

Tender Bits
Our Price: $7.29

Tender Rounds
Our Price: $7.29
Super Links Loma Linda Big Franks  15 oz can Loma Linda Prime Steak small
Super Links
Our Price: $7.29

Big franks by Loma Linda Vegan
Worthington Fri Chik Loma Linda Choplets (Reg) Swiss Stake Inst
Worthington Fri Chik
Our Price: $7.89

Swiss Stake Inst
Our Price: $15.09
Dinner Steak Inst Worthington Fri Chik Inst Loma Linda Skallops Institutional  Can
Dinner Steak Inst
Our Price: $15.09
Worthington Fri Chik Inst
Our Price: $15.89
Loma Linda
Loma Linda Vegetarian Burger Inst Loma Linda Prime Steaks Inst Super-Link  96oz can
Super-Link 96oz can
Our Price: $27.99
Loma Linda Big Franks Inst 96.oz Chili case 20oz can Tender Rounds case 20oz
Chili case 20oz can
Our Price $68.89
Tender Rounds case 20oz
Our Price: $72.98
Chili by Worthington Foods Tender Rounds Loma Linda