Cummings-Beasley-LaGrone Resource Center

The Cummings-Beasley-LaGrone Resource Center in honor of Joan Cummings, Noah Beasley, and Robert LaGrone who have served the Allegheny East Conference as Publishing Directors with passionate and exemplary service in the area of publishing resources, literature sales and distribution.


The Cummings - Beasley- LaGrone Resource Center (CBL) will further the ministry of the church through the sale of Adventist Christian-centered products and be the primary resource provider servicing the officers, director, pastors, teachers, and constituent members of the Allegheny East Conference with books by Adventist and other Christian authors, Bibles, devotionals, Sabbath School, Childrens Ministries and other departmental materials, and health food for purchase.

Contact us at:
(610) 326-4610 ext. 338